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a.1.Occurring every term; as, a termly fee.
adv.1.Term by term; every term.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They lamented that primary school heads and their teachers are still responsible for the provision of instructional materials for their schools despite SUBEB announcement of the approval of N60 million as termly subversion to the schools by governor Godwin Obaseki.
In Year 7, you do get termly projects to work on throughout the term.
"We meet on a termly basis, both here and in Malawi, and share our discussions with each other through WhatsApp, email or via myself.
Septemb achieH ha co th dp "However, having considered the risks of disruption to pupils and students, we have decided to stick to our plan to continue to provide the services for one more academic year to 2020 with a termly charge.
TSC county directors should submit to regional directors, details of any schools that may not have complied for necessary action," adds the CEO.COMPLIANCEShe has directed regional directors to file termly reports to director (quality assurance) on the level of compliance and any action taken in cases of non-compliance.
Speaking while issuing cheques to the students and their parents at Ihura Stadium, Wa Iria said their performance will be reviewed termly and poor performers struck off at the end of the year.
Besides termly and monthly payment schedules as against the upfront settlements that were the norm not so long ago, BON has implemented individual payments plans to support parents with special circumstances, says Dr Vandana Gandhi, CEO and Founder, BON, tells GN Focus.
In September a Studyrider, which offers termly travel, will move from a 20 per cent discount off adult equivalent travel to a 25 per cent discount.
The school will now draw up an action plan on how it will address recommendations to improve, while Estyn will monitor progress on a termly basis.
If accepted, parents need to re-confirm they remain eligible for the offer on a termly basis.
Parents for the rest of the city will be able to make applications from December 1.a If accepted parents need to re-confirm they remain eligible for the offer on a termly basis.