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a.1.Occurring every term; as, a termly fee.
adv.1.Term by term; every term.
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Member: ISC Religious Affiliation: Church in Wales Age Range: 3 to 7 School Numbers: 125 (25 nursery, 100 main school) Termly Fees: pounds 1,200 to pounds 1,973 Single Sex: No Co-educational: Yes Entry requirements: Non-selective entry MONMOUTH Monmouth School is a place where boys do sing, play the flute, read literature, engage in all manner of physical activity and work hard.
We now get a termly report from every single schoolwhich includes the action taken.
The RHS Schools Membership Scheme now comprises 2,200 schools which includes free school visits to RHS gardens, a termly newsletter, advice on gardening issues, support and ideas for teaching about plants in the National Curriculum, an e-mail line for letters and questions, and a monthly copy of The Garden.
Each student qualifying for assistance will be given pounds 300, with payment made termly, in three amounts of pounds 100.
We are reviewing the situation, as well as the response from schools, on a termly basis, but do not plan to return beef as yet.
If you would like to find out more about Holyhead School, obtain a copy of the Ofsted Report and, perhaps, download back issues of the school's award-winning termly magazine Holyhead Pulse, visit www.
Subsequent termly visits by Estyn recognised ongoing improvements at the school.
The flexibility of these products means the bond can be set up to take either no income or income at varying intervals: monthly, quarterly, termly, half-yearly or annually.
Boxes of 40 books have been loaned to 299 primary schools across the city on a termly basis since last summer, with the scheme earmarked to run until this July.
There's even a section specifically for schools to register and receive termly activities for improving their school grounds.
You now are only able to buy it half-termly or termly from the Rugby office for pounds 6 a week.
Obviously, there will always be some parents who are in the forces or work away from home, who require conventional termly boarding for their children.