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 (tĕr-nō′pēl) or Ter·no·pol (-pəl)
A city of western Ukraine west-southwest of Kiev. Founded in 1540, it passed to Austria in 1772 and was held by Poland from 1920 until 1939, when it was annexed by the USSR.


(Russian tɪrˈnɔpəlj)
(Placename) a town in W Ukraine, on the River Siret: formerly under Polish rule. Pop: 235 000 (2005 est). Polish name: Tarnopol


(tərˈnoʊ pəl)

a city in W Ukraine. 212,000.
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Vladimir Legkiy was born on 27 Feb 1960 in Ukraine, Ternopol region, Buchach town.
Jan's story began in Ternopol, Poland, on November 7, 1913, the only son of Michael and Thekla Kormanski.
Law enforcement bodies received nine complaints from the Donetsk region, four from the Lugansk region, two from the Zaporozhye region, and four from the Odessa, Ternopol, Kherson and Kharkov regions, one from each," The Voice of Russia reported.
Embassy of Ukraine in the United States, Appeal of the Command of Sevastopol Brigade of Surface Ships, and of Crews of Slavutych and Ternopol ships of Ukrainian Navy to World Information Companies and Mass Media, March 5, 2014.
There are exceptions, such as Ternopol and Lutsk in western Ukraine, where a significant percentage of the workforce has been employed outside the country and repatriated earnings have driven real estate price increases in these cities even as overall economic activity in their regions have remained low.