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n.1.(Chem.) Any oil substance having a hyacinthine odor, obtained by the action of acids on terpin, and regarded as a related hydrate.
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Among them were alkanes, 4 phenyl valeric acid, 5 isopentyl picolinic acid, 3 hydroxylauric acid, (5 a, 3[beta]) 3-hydroxy-11-androstanone, 5[alpha]-2-en-11 androstenone, squalene, terpinol (a terpineol), menthol derivatives, palmitic, oleic and eicosanoic acids, and isoprenoid phytane.
The company manufactures 33 products, including menthol crystals, peppermint oil, terpinol, eucalyptus oil, and aroma chemicals, which find application in the pharmaceuticals, food, tobacco, cosmetics, and paint industries.
005 grams of malathion per milliliter in a vehicle of isopropyl alcohol, terpinol, dipentene and pine needle oil.