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Noun1.Nikola Tesla - United States electrical engineer and inventor (born in Croatia but of Serbian descent) who discovered the principles of alternating currents and developed the first alternating-current induction motor and the Tesla coil and several forms of oscillators (1856-1943)
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Siemens has introduced its new 7 Tesla scanner Magnetom Terra, fully designed and manufactured by the company with a 7 Tesla magnet in its core.
The researchers found they could get a view of the spinal cord neural circuits by using an fMRI scanner with a 7 Tesla magnet, multichannel spinal-cord coils and advanced methods for acquiring and analyzing the data.
No ill-effects on the foetus have been reported from the use of the 1 or 1.5 Tesla magnet.
The system includes a front-end quadrupole mass analyzer that enables tandem MS experiments, which Bruker refers to as "Mass Selective Ion Enrichment." Improvements over the previous model include mass accuracy in the sub-ppm range, a mass range of 100-10,000 Da and resolution of 900,000 FWHM with a 7 Tesla magnet and 1.5 million FWHM with a 9.4 Tesla magnet.