n. pl.1.(Zool.) A division of Crinoidea including numerous fossil species in which the body is covered with tessellated plates.
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Severe granulomatous lesions in several organs from Eustrongylides larvae in a free-ranging dice snake, Natrix tessellata. Vet.
Rock outcrops are covered by Diplostephium colombianum scrub while patches of Chusquea tessellata Munro bamboo vegetation together with stem rosettes of Espeletia lopezii Cuatrec.
Above-ground biomass structure of a Chusquea tessellata bamboo paramo, Chingaza National Park, cordillera oriental, Colombia.
Esta especie esta asociada a bosques de chusque o chusquedales (Eisenberg, 1989), que son formaciones vegetales donde predomina la especie Chusquea tessellata (Poaceae).
CHARACTER TAXA OF THE CLASS: Acarospora freyi, Aspicilia candida, Lecidea tessellata var.
(43.) In fact there is a second natricine snake species that lived near Bingen in the past, the dice snake (Natrix tessellata).
There are two species of snakes: dice snake (Natrix tessellata) and dione snake (Elaphe dion).
bruguieri are as follows: Paphia (Amygdala) bruguieri auct.; Venus bruguieri (Hanley, 1845); Tapes tessellata (Adams and Reeve), 1850; Tapes variegata (Sowerby, 1852); Ruditapes variegata (Sowerby, 1852); Tapes violacens (Deshayes, 1853); Tapes japonica (Deshayes, 1853); Tapes cinerea (Deshayes, 1854); Tapes punicea (Deshayes, 1854); and Tapes semidecussata (Reeve, 1864).
Lecidea tessellata Florke--Al: Egea & Llimona (1981a, 1987); Gr: Casares & Llimona (1982), Egea et al.