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n. microlitiasis, pequeñas concreciones excretadas en ciertos órganos.
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Prevalence of testicular microlithiasis in males with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and its association with testicular adrenal rest tumors.
Mutations in SLC34A2 cause pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis and are possibly associated with testicular microlithiasis. Am J Hum Genet.
Testicular microlithiasis is defined as >5 punctate, nonshadowing, intratesticular calcifications (Figure 8).
-- The classic form of testicular microlithiasis is strongly associated with subsequent testicular malignancy, Diana Lam reported at the Western regional meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research.
"Follow up may be needed [for] patients with classic testicular microlithiasis and other risk factors," said Ms.
Testicular microlithiasis: imaging appearances and pathologic correlation.
Dawson (consultant urologist, Edith Cavell Hospital, UK) and Muir (consultant urological surgeon, King's College Hospital, UK) present reviews of recent research in the field of urology to help settle questions on challenging issues such as circumcision, penile preserving strategies for penile carcinoma, testicular microlithiasis, and surgery versus chemotherapy for high-risk NSGCT.
In our study, testicular microlithiasis was encountered in 6% cases.
Several scrotal masses, clinically present with calcifications, include mature teratomas, gonadoblastomas, calcifying clear cell Sertoli tumours, testicular microlithiasis, testicular torsion followed by hemorrhagic infarction, and metastatic neuroblastomas.
Testicular microlithiasis (TM) and classic seminoma