Testudo graeca

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Noun1.Testudo graeca - small land tortoise of southern EuropeTestudo graeca - small land tortoise of southern Europe
tortoise - usually herbivorous land turtles having clawed elephant-like limbs; worldwide in arid area except Australia and Antarctica
genus Testudo, Testudo - type genus of the Testudinidae
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Trakya Yoresi'ndeki kaplumbagalarda (Testudo graeca) Hyalomma aegyptium (Lineaus, 1758)'un yayginligi.
in free-living European tortoises (Testudo hermanni, Testudo graeca, and Testudo marginata).
Officers from animal charity RSPCA Cymru were alerted after the spur-thighed (Testudo graeca) tortoise was found strolling up a pathway.
Pulmonary candidiasis caused by Candida albicans in a greek tortoise (Testudo graeca) and treatment with intrapulmonary Amphotericin B.
The turtle bonanza included shells from one spur-thighed tortoise (Testudo graeca) and three Middle Eastern terrapins (Mauremys caspica), plus bones from 17 Euphrates soft-shelled turtles (Rafetus euphraticus).
aegyptium ticks, during 2009-2010, we collected 56 adult ticks from 12 Testudo graeca tortoises at a locality near the city of Aflou in Laghouat Province, Algeria.
The land-based reptiles of the Testudo hermanni and Testudo graeca species were in good clinical condition.
En Israel, Munro & Grosman (2010) encontraron grandes cantidades de restos oseos de Testudo graeca en un entierro ritual del Epipaleolitico Tardio (hace 12 mil anos).
First Record of Hyalomma aegyptium (Acari: Ixodida: Ixodoidea) from the Russian Spur-theighed Tortoise (Testudo graeca Nikoloskii) with an analysis of tick population dynamics.