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A grayish-black mineral, essentially (CuFe)12Sb4S13, often containing other elements, and used as an ore of copper.

[German Tetraëdrit, from Greek tetraedros, four-faced (from its four-faced crystals); see tetrahedron.]
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(Minerals) a grey metallic mineral consisting of a sulphide of copper, iron, and antimony, often in the form of tetrahedral crystals: it is a source of copper. Formula: (Cu,Fe)12Sb4S13
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(ˌtɛ trəˈhi draɪt)

1. any of a group of copper and silver ore minerals ranging from copper-iron antimony sulfide to copper-iron arsenic sulfide; copper is the chief metal but other metals (Fe, Zn, Ag) substitute for it extensively.
2. the copper-iron antimony sulfide, (Cu, Fe)12 Sb4S13, end member of the group.
[1865–70; < German Tetraëdrit (1845); see tetrahedron, -ite1]
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Sulphosalt group compounds such as chalcostibite (CuSb[S.sub.2]), famatinite ([Cu.sub.3]Sb[S.sub.4]), and tetrahedrite ([Cu.sub.12][Sb.sub.4][S.sub.13]) are part of a relatively new class of material containing antimony.
Donald Morelli, a professor of chemical engineering and materials science at Michigan State University, led the team which developed the material based on natural minerals known as tetrahedrites.
"The mineral family that they mimic is one of the most abundant minerals of this type on Earth - tetrahedrites.
(I didn't even know Butte had world-class rhodochrosites, tetrahedrites and chalcopy-rites, and 3-inch covellite crystals!).
July 25: In the Tetrahedrite Drift, the best tetrahedrites yet found: big plates with 1 1/2-inch lustrous crystals, come from the Museum Pocket.
There are bright tetrahedrites to 3/8-inch and bright druses of chalcopyrite and sphalerite, but no fluorite.
The main Casapalca mine has furnished good to excellent specimens of quartz, bournonite, galena, sphalerite, pyrite, calcite, manganoan calcite and tetrahedrite. The tetrahedrites occur in crystals to over 8 cm in size; they are some of Peru's largest and, it can be argued, some of Peru's best.
The dominant mineral assemblage at the margins of the district is sphalerite, galena, calcite and Ag-bearing tetrahedrite. Generally the arsenic content of the ores decreases away from the central part of the district.
Except for the radically different morphology, these suggest the old chalcopyrite-coated tetrahedrites from Cornwall.
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Luzonite forms tetragonal bipyramidal crystals to 1 cm covered by small tetrahedrite crystals; it has also been identified as tabular reddish violet metallic crystals to 4 cm with cores of enargite.