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A polymer consisting of four identical monomers.

tet′ra·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) a four-molecule polymer
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In addition, excess alpha or beta globin chains form unstable tetramers that cause hemolysis.
Also, some mutations of alpha genes could produce hyper unstable globin variants that are unable to form stable tetramers.
The haemolysis occurs due to imbalance in production of Alpha and Beta chains; since Beta chain synthesis is reduced the excess of Alpha chains produces Alpha tetramers, which get precipitated in red cells.
In HbH disease, the severe reduction in the synthesis of a-globin chains leads to a relative excess in the b-chains which accumulate in the form of b4 tetramers (HbH).
It showed that BnPIP-like protein, like other PIPs in higher plant, existed as homo- tetramers (Fig.
Modulation of the oligomerization state of p53 by differential binding of proteins of the S100 family to p53 monomers and tetramers.
The excess b-chains form unstable tetramers, which are characterized by abnormal oxygen dissociation curves.
In recent years, many new therapeutic strategies have been proposed and several ongoing therapeutic trials involving, for instance, stabilizers of transthyretin tetramers (tafamidis and diflunisal) and gene therapies to suppress transthyretin expression.
4, 5 7-10) [alpha]--and [beta]-spectrin self-associate into tetramers that play a central role in maintaining the shape, flexibility, and strength of the erythrocyte membrane.
iNKT cells are easily identified by staining with CD1d tetramers loaded with a-GalCer or with antibodies against the semi-invariant TCR.
Without any lipid modification, interactions of tetramers form the orthogonal arrays but a lipid modified amino terminus hinders the array-forming interaction (Fig.