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n.1.(Christian Art) The union of the four attributes of the Evangelists in one figure, which is represented as winged, and standing on winged fiery wheels, the wings being covered with eyes. The representations of it are evidently suggested by the vision of Ezekiel (ch. i.
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Above the only door to the church there is a circular image of Christ in majesty, flanked by the tetramorph symbols of the Evangelists.
The eastern wall of the aisle is topped with large images of the Four Evangelists as tetramorphs, seated at lecterns writing (41).
The apse itself is decorated by a very large Jesus Pantokrator image against a blue sky, surrounded by at two of the tetramorphs (the other two were almost certainly present on the now damaged left side of the mural) (70).
(41) The tetramorphs, the <<four living creatures>> of the Apocalypse and Ezekiel, were very common in Romanesque murals, though usually surrounding Christ in the apse of churches.