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Noun1.Tetraodontidae - puffersTetraodontidae - puffers        
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Plectognathi, order Tetraodontiformes, Plectognathi - boxfishes; filefishes; globefishes; ocean sunfishes; triggerfishes; puffers
globefish, puffer, pufferfish, blowfish - any of numerous marine fishes whose elongated spiny body can inflate itself with water or air to form a globe; several species contain a potent nerve poison; closely related to spiny puffers
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Adults and probably chalimi of Caligus fugu (Yamaguti, 1936) infecting the toxic tetraodontid puffer are tolerant to its tetrodotoxin (TTX), and are able to accumulate it in their bodies, except for the ovaries and eggs (Ikeda et al.
The overall 0.99H: 1M proportion found in this study is in agreement with Sanchez-Cardenas (2005) for the whole annual cycle, but differs from the information obtained at the peak of the spawning season (June) in Mazatlan, where males were dominant over females (1M: 0.48H), which could be due to an haremic behavior, not observed in this work, but similar to that reported for other Tetraodontid species (Kobayashi, 1986; Gladstone & Westoby, 1988).
The Whitespotted Puffer, Arothron hispidus (Linnaeus, 1758), type locality India, is the most wide-spread of the tetraodontid fishes, ranging from the Red Sea south to Western Cape, South Africa, east to the western Pacific from New South Wales to southern Japan, in Oceania to the Hawaiian Islands and islands of French Polynesia and in the eastern Pacific from Panama to the Gulf of California.