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 (tĕt′rə-plē′jə, -jē-ə)
[tetra- (because all four limbs are affected ) + -plegia.]

tet′ra·ple′gic adj. & n.
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ntétraplégique mf
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WEDNESDAY stark talk BBC Radio SCOTLAND, 1.30pm in a moving and insightful interview edi stark talks to tetraplegic melanie reid who broke her neck in a riding accident nine years ago.
They both had accidents that rendered them tetraplegic -- paralysed in the torso and all four limbs -- yet went on to live full lives, campaigning and working for others in a similar position.
The four-year-old, whose birthday is today (December 15), became tetraplegic incomplete - meaning he lost all use of his lower body and faces living the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
A WOMAN left tetraplegic after she fell off a bed while having sex is suing the supplier for PS1million.
In January 1968, then aged 30, Terry was left a tetraplegic after suffering a horrific fall from scaffolding whilst working at Smith's Dock in North Shields.
And while he's clinically tetraplegic at C4 level, meaning he can neither feel nor control any stimulus or voluntary movement below his shoulders, he uses a specialist wheelchair which has a joystick below his chin so he can get around without help.
Julie is a tetraplegic due to hypoxic brain damage and can't do anything for herself.
This year the squad of 44 is taking it in turns to carry former Royal Marine Dominic Robert Lovett, who was injured during a military training exercise and is now tetraplegic, on a stretcher.
Besides, 50(92.6%) participants were paraplegic while 4(7.4%) were tetraplegic. The overall mean score for the physical health domain was 54.79+-18.39, psychological health domain 52.33+-19.37, social relationship 58.79+-20.69 and environmental domain 54.11+-17.25.
14 -- Nathan Copeland is a 30 year old tetraplegic man (paralysis of all 4 limbs) from Western Pennsylvania.
The once fit and active 72-year-old spent three and a half months in rehabilitation at the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injury in Gobowen, but has been left tetraplegic and unable to hold his own grandchildren.
"Before I joined the nursing programme, I cared for an elderly tetraplegic man in his own home.