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For example, triazoles, benzotriazoles, and tetrazoles are noted for protecting copper (benzotriazole also works for steel).
Kohli, "3D QSAR kNNMFA approach studies on series of substituted piperidin-2-one biphenyl tetrazoles as angiotensin II receptor antagonists," American-Eurasian Journal of Toxicological Sciences, vol.
Researchers Thomas Klapotke and Carles Miro Sabate say "friendly tetrazoles" HBT and G2ZT are not only more resistant to accidental detonation, but they leave far less residue and toxic pollutants after they've killed people and destroyed structures.
Interesting candidates include derivatives of tetrazoles, five-membered rings made of four nitrogen and one carbon atom, as well as tetrazines, six-membered rings made of four nitrogen and two carbon atoms.
Candidates include derivatives of tetrazoles and tetrazines, made of nitrogen and carbon atoms.
* Expandex tetrazoles for high-melting thermoplastics such as PC, nylon, thermoplastic polyesters (PET, PBT), ABS alloys, PPE/PPO alloys, PPS, and polysulfone; Expandex 5-PT has a foaming range of 464 F and higher.
Other higher temperature tetrazoles, Expandex 150 (use range of 640[deg.]F to 690[deg.]F) and Expandex 175 (use range of 700[deg.]F to 745[deg.]F), have also been experiencing increased levels of interest.
Davioud-Charvet, 5-Substituted Tetrazoles as Bioisosteres of Carboxylic Acids.
Other aluminum azolato complexes with either pyrazoles, 1,2,4-triazoles, or tetrazoles that exhibit a similar [Al.sub.2][N.sub.4] ring structure do not exhibit this asymmetry [52, 56-60].