n.1.(Zool.) The redshank.
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Han gug in ui mun hwa sim ri jeog teuk seong I mun je dae eung bang sig seu teu re seu saeng hwal man jok do e mi chi neun yeong hyangjeong: u ri seong eur jung sim eu ro [The effects of Korean cultural psychological characteristics on coping styles, stress, and life satisfaction: Centering around cheong and we-ness].
Chamroon who was abbot at the time allowed Hmong to occupy a three storied abandoned hospital just off the main temple complex, known in Thai as teuk sam chan.
Cambodia also has its version, largely unknown, cha houy teuk, a sweet brightly colored pink and green jelly dessert made with agar.
77% of accidental teuk found that 77% f id t l texters claimed of accidental te exters to be under the influence of t b d th influence of to be under the in nfluence alcohol at the time.
Aye, it teuk nowt for entertainment then, as we'd sit on wor hunkers, playing muggies.
The TEUK acquisition will produce a JV in which Sinopec will appoint key managerial personnel while TEUK will operate the assets.
TEUK is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and employs 564 full-time employees, with approximately 1,950 core contractors.
7b, horn: Ayrie's pooder horn wus i' the pooch on his ither side; bit he teuk hid oot an' stappid hid i' his breest pooch (Dennison 1880)
The surge in property prices in Sihanoukville, where Chinese investors are snapping up properties for hotel and casino projects, is being felt in Kampot, a quiet backwater town 100 kilometres to the east near the mouth of the Teuk Chhu River.
Address : Lot 19-61, MOC Road (113B Road), Phum Teuk Thla,
According to research by Key Real Estate released in February, the highest land prices in Sen Sok district are currently in Teuk Thla commune, where plots along Russian Boulevard are selling at between $2,000 and $3,000 per square metre, and between $800 and $2,000 on smaller roads.
According to Sou Bunthoeun, deputy police chief in charge of crime of in Teuk Chhou district, Sam Vanna, 60, and a man known only by the name Huot, 50, fell victim to the poisonous product after mixing it with rice wine and drinking it alongside a meal of dog meat.