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 (to͞ot′n-ĭz′əm, tyo͞ot′-) also Teu·ton·i·cism (to͞o-tŏn′ĭ-sĭz′əm, tyo͞o-)
1. A German practice or idiom; a Germanism.
2. German character or civilization.

Teu′ton·ist n.


1. (Peoples) a German idiom, custom, or characteristic
2. German society or civilization
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That was because these matters were determined through traditions prevailing in Goths and Teutonism that no king or individual had the power to change these familiar conditions.
Having left for Ireland two years earlier with his mother, Freddie threw himself into his career with three years apiece under the stringent guidance of both Dermot Weld and Jim Bolger, the legacy of which was a burgeoning talent, a chirpy confidence, a respectful manner and an accent whose Irishness refuses resolutely to admit even a trace of its former Teutonism.
47) Commenting on this passage, Michael Ragussis writes: "This role reversal, where the Jew proudly announces his superior racial makeup and his heritage as a Caucasian, and where the English nobleman almost timidly seeks his niche in the same racial category, is a richly ironic and jarring moment in the history of Anglo-Jewish relations," one that "will eventually lead to a brilliant maneuver--finding the most ancient basis of English life not in Teutonism but in Hebraism.