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An angiotensin II receptor blocker drug, C23H24N2O4S, used in its mesylate form to treat hypertension.

[Perhaps E-, stereochemical pref. + pro(panoic acid) + -sartan, angiotensin II receptor blocker suff.; see losartan.]
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ARBs (angiotensin II Sleepiness, Atacand receptor blockers): headache, dizziness, (candesartan); Similar to ACE diarrhea, rash, and Teveten (eprosartan inhibitors, they potassium buildup in mesylate); Diovan work to halt the the blood.
TABLE Currently available combination therapies Dose Range, Fixed-Dose Combination Brand Name Total, mg/d (a) Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker + Thiazide Diuretic Eprosartan/HCTZ Teveten HCT 600/12.
The first generic version of Abbott Laboratories' Teveten (esprosartan mesylate tablets) was launched late last month by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
M2 PHARMA-December 28, 2011-Mylan gains final FDA nod for generic version of high blood pressure drug Teveten Tablets(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
This work involves the analysis of two widely used antihypertensive combinations with proved efficacy, namely [Eprosartan(EPR)+Hydrochlorothiazide(HCT), Teveten plus[R]] and [Irbesartan (IRB)+Hydrochlorothiazide(HCT),Coaprovel[R]], where EPR and IRB are Angiotensin receptor antagonists while HCT is a diuretic.
Moduretic, Prinzide, Teveten HCT, Timolide, Uniretic, Vaseretic, Zestoretic and Ziac.
A significantly enlarged US sales force will help Solvay Pharmaceuticals maximize sales of Teveten, a pill for high blood pressure, whose global marketing rights Solvay Group acquired in May.
Eprosartan Mesylate Mylan Pharmaceuticals Teveten tablets
The acquisition of rights to Teveten came just one week after Solvay announced its entry into the US cardiovascular market with the acquisition of the US marketing rights to the hypertension drug Aceon from France's Servier.