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(Units) a unit of weight used to measure the density of yarns. It is equal to 1 gram per 1000 metres
[C20: from French, from textile textile]


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UCF's engineered textile solutions are synergistic to the service and product offerings of Tex Tech and our subsidiaries," says Ciaran Lynch, CEO of Tex Tech Industries.
News that Big Tex had gone up in flames began spreading like wildfire across Twitter, memorials to Big Tex became common.
Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation, an independent exploration and production company based in Irving, Texas, has drilled the Breitling-Big Tex #1 on June 26, 2011 in Gaines County, Texas.
ex Kuhn) Windham, 7970 TEX; 8869 ANSM, BRIT, TEX, (TEX 269730, 269736, 269737, 269742).
Deepest sympathy to May, Terry, Lynda, Tracey and Families on the sad loss of Tex.
Tex definitely makes it easier to blow off getting caught up in the non-important side of being in a band, but he has not slowed us down on the creative side.
One evening after Mass, before leaving the altar, the pastor announced, 'Because of his letters, Tex will no longer be allowed to lead the rosary.
It refers to Tex as "the brilliant old college coach who had invented the 'Sideline Triangle Offense.
Big Tex stood at 532-feet-tall and has been the image of the state fair since he was originally purchased for just $750 in the early 1950s, according to the (http://www.