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So, scarcely was the decision known, when the Texan and Floridan deputies arrived at Baltimore in an incredibly short space of time.
This decision, on being made known, utterly crushed the Texan deputies.
The Texans, through the columns of the Herald claimed that some regard should be had to a State which grew the best cotton in all America, produced the best green oak for the service of the navy, and contained the finest oil, besides iron mines, in which the yield was fifty per cent.
"That may be all very well," replied the Texans; "but you must first get to this country.
She might have added besides: "On an Australian upland or Texan plain, who is to know or care about my misfortunes, or to reproach me or you?" Yet, like the majority of women, she accepted the momentary presentment as if it were the inevitable.
Harkey, a long, lank Texan, was unusually friendly for one with a saturnine disposition, and, as long as his theory that gold grew was not challenged, was quite companionable.
The prevailing belief was that she had been purposely left by a party of Texans, whose canvas-covered wagon, late in the day, had crossed the ferry that Coton Mais kept, just below the plantation.
Enhanced with an informative foreword by Kinky Friedman, Texas In Her Own Words as told by Tweed Scott is a fascinating and informative study of the Texan. Compiling interviews with people drawn from all walks of Texas life, Texas In Her Own Words includes commentary and observations from stars such as Willie Nelson, Darrell Royal, and Liz Carpenter; a wealth of fun and interesting facts of the great state; illustrative pictures vividly capturing the pride of many Texans; the origin of the Texas image and attitude; and discussion points for diehard Texans or book groups study the history and culture of the Lone Star State.
Ronin is a self-styled "born-again Texan" (he arrived in 1971), and, with the passion of the converted, he offers a selfishly statist perspective.
Houston-based Texan Bank, a local, community bank, has announced recent additions to its leadership team, the company said.
Set during the 1836 Texan War of Independence, the action centres on 186 soldiers and volunteers who are besieged in a San Antonio fort by 4,000 Mexican troops.
Texan Bank, which has locations throughout Houston, has said that it has appointed a new executive vice president.