Texas Ranger

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Texas Ranger

1. A member of a division of the Texas state highway patrol.
2. A member of a former mounted force of Texans organized in 1835 and active in maintaining order on the frontier.

Tex′as Rang′er

a member of a special branch of the Texas state police force, orig. a semiofficial group of mounted settlers organized to fight Indians and maintain order.
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Noun1.Texas Ranger - a member of the Texas state highway patrolTexas Ranger - a member of the Texas state highway patrol; formerly a mounted lawman who maintained order on the frontier
law officer, lawman, peace officer - an officer of the law
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The Ranger Ideal Volume 1: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1823-1861 is an extensively researched biography of the first seven inductees into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.
Six-Shooters and Shifting Sands: The Wild West Life of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones
Reynolds (1846-1922) has remained somewhat a mysterious figure, his Texas Ranger career being overshadowed by such names as Frank Hamer, Sam Walker, and Bill McDonald.
Zeke leaves for Texas with his father's family friend, Texas Ranger Captain Donovan Walton.
This NEW Bond Arms 200th Anniversary Texas Ranger Derringer, which has been chosen to represent the prestigious Texas Rangers in their historical 200th Anniversary and other goodies, can be all yours
The gun and knife grips are made from real Texas Mesquite wood, the Texas Ranger Stars are handmade by Texas inmates in the Texas Department of Corrections and the barrel is inlaid with "Texas Rangers 200th Anniversary" in gold.
He did what he could, arranging the material in chronological chapters from rangers in colonial Tejas 1823-35 to the Texas Ranger Division since 1935.
No Man In the Wrong Can Stand Up to a Man in the right who just keeps on a-comin"--The creed of The Texas Ranger.
In Phil Spangenberger's article "A $7 Million Auction," he states that Jess Sweeten was a Texas Ranger from 1920 until 1940.
Three years among the Comanches; the narrative of Nelson Lee, Texas Ranger.
Six-Shooters and Shifting Sands: The Wild West Life of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones is the biography of a man whose life resembles an adventure novel.
The painting, titled “The Ranger Code,” was purchased by members of the Foundation's board and is in the permanent collection of outstanding Ranger art at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco.

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