Texas millet

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Noun1.Texas millet - annual weedy grass used for hay
panic grass - any grass of the genus Panicum; grown for grain and fodder
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We purchased seeds of three species of native grasses (switchgrass Panicum virgatum,plains bristlegrass Setaria leucopila, and Texas millet Urochloa texana) from local suppliers; none was from named cultivars.
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION--Northern bobwhites consumed considerably more (Tukey's test, P [less than or equal to] 0.05) mass of seeds of switchgrass and fewer seeds of plains bristlegrass compared to seeds of guineagrass and Texas millet during the single and multiple-offering experiments (Fig.
Nutritional parameters for our seeds of switchgrass, guineagrass, Texas millet, and plains bristlegrass, respectively, were: protein (%) 16, 18, 13, and 13; fat (%) 15, 14, 15, and 15; acid-detergent fiber (%) 28, 35, 28, and 41; and gross energy (kcal/g) 4.15, 3.85, 4.17, and 3.72.

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