interactive fiction

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in′terac′tive fic′tion

an adventure or mystery story, in the form of a video game or book, in which the player or reader is given choices as to how the story line is to develop.
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The Arcana is a text adventure where play the part of a sorcerer's apprentice on a strange mission.
The Long Journey Home is a mash-up of play styles, with 2D Lunar Lander-style planetside resource harvesting, top-down interplanetary piloting across the curves of spacetime, dialogue-based diplomacy or trade and even the occasional text adventure when scavenging inside space wreckage.
Code 7 is a fully-voiced text adventure, combining a science-fiction narrative with the use of a DOS-like computer system.
Highlights include the chance to play the board game Mega Civilisation with its designer, and the live-action text adventure game The Dark Room 2.
Say goodbye to traditional text adventure games and say hello "Grail to the Thief.
Here I draw on a range of examples: two computer games, Hamlet: A Murder Mystery (1997) and Macbeth Interactive (2005); two relatively simple interactive online "games/performances," Hamlet: The Text Adventure (http://versificator.
The pairing of vivid text adventure and color drama is not to be missed.
the company has gained a reputation for developing innovative client solutions that include the first product for the radio industry, the first Text-2-Win program, the first Text-2-Screen event and the first Text Adventure game.
com)-- The German indie developer Goodwolf Studio launched the Kickstarter Project for their next-gen text adventure "Code 7" on September 22nd.
On the surface it is a very rudimentary looking download that appears to be little more than a text adventure.
In Grail to the Thief, players make their choices through an RPG-style conversation tree, eliminating the confusion and frustration that comes with traditional text adventure games, which require players to type in commands to progress.
6 million customers, is partnering with Vibes Media, a leading provider of interactive text message and mobile content marketing programs, to launch their latest text adventure game that tests whether players on a virtual Valentine's Day date have the goods to take their relationships to the "next level.