Text hand

n.1.A large hand in writing; - so called because it was the practice to write the text of a book in a large hand and the notes in a smaller hand.
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We must open the way between the literary and the verbal text hand the social text in which we live" (24).
Beneath this set of chants is the Pater Noster prayer written out in a third text hand.
The preventive measures include tapping each finger with the thumb of your text hand or pulling the text thumb with the other hand five times.
15 ( ANI ): Motorola has launched updated Moto X and Droids phones with the new Assist app, making it easier for users to text hands free.
This pattern book included large decorated initials and various styles of display and text hands, as well as designs copied from medieval manuscripts, some of which Janet Backhouse has identified in her essay on Laws.
Meyer's treatment of the British sources is generally more exhaustive, with descriptions of all the text hands and complex collational formulas.