Text letter

a large or capital letter.

See also: Text

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I COULDN'T agree more with the text letter saying that these wives and girlfriends - the WAGs - are getting too much attention.
The lower alphabet is shifted by one or more characters to the right or left and is used as the cipher text to represent the plain text letter in the alphabet above it.
The number of different cipher text characters or combinations are counted to determine if the characters or combinations represent plain text letters, numbers, or both letters and numbers.
Further analysis of other cipher text and anagramming the cipher text letters into an intelligible word revealed the following reverse order key:
In today~s online method of contribution collection process daily up to 50 000 text letters with the existing word processor to create (sometimes with supplements / equipment), printed and applied (shipped) .
The "Wacky Walter" game is more advanced, featuring longer words, integrating notes in both the treble and bass clefs on every card, and utilizing text letters not included in the musical alphabet.