transient global amnesia

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Noun1.transient global amnesia - memory disorder seen in middle aged and elderly personstransient global amnesia - memory disorder seen in middle aged and elderly persons; characterized by an episode of amnesia and bewilderment that lasts for several hours; person is otherwise alert and intellectually active
amnesia, memory loss, blackout - partial or total loss of memory; "he has a total blackout for events of the evening"
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TGA is one of the most common congenital heart defects, accounting for about 5%-8% of congenital heart cases.
Figure 1 shows TGA scans of manPE in nitrogen at various heating rates.
The TGA has been testing heparin products since March 2008.
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Oligonucleotides 321s 5'-AGA TGA TGA TCC CAA GCC TTC TGG-3' and 983as 5'-TGT TCT YAC AAC AAT GAT GAT G-3' were used as forward and reverse primers, respectively.
"Genepharm's experienced regulatory team works closely with the TGA and expects registration for these generic drugs to be completed beginning in the last quarter of this financial year," said Mr Dennis Bastas, CEO and managing director of Genepharm.
Once you've laid it - and the TGA supply a very helpful step-by-step leaflet - avoid walking on the turf without planks and make sure it is thoroughly watered.
The new arrival keeps TGA Morgan Platts on course to become the most advanced forge in Europe.
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The Holyhead Road firm, which makes the famous TX1 black cab, is upping its order with machine tool firm TGA Wyken Tools from pounds 100,000 to pounds 200,000.
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