transient global amnesia

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Noun1.transient global amnesia - memory disorder seen in middle aged and elderly personstransient global amnesia - memory disorder seen in middle aged and elderly persons; characterized by an episode of amnesia and bewilderment that lasts for several hours; person is otherwise alert and intellectually active
amnesia, memory loss, blackout - partial or total loss of memory; "he has a total blackout for events of the evening"
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Engineering services tga - building automation and integration planning for new construction of a concert hall at the meistersingerhalle for the performance phases 1-3 and 5-9 hoai: services of the technical building equipment, equipment group 8 - building automation, according to 53 paragraph 2 no.
Engine Shop said by acquiring TGA, it is adding a team with expertise and connections in esports to its existing consumer engagement business model.
This system is also said to be the only commercial model capable of simultaneous TGA measurements on two samples, which effectively doubles laboratory productivity.
Around 30,000 packs of the drug are distributed in Australia every month and, although the tampering isn't thought to be widespread, the company and the TGA have issued a nationwide recall.
To field a fully trained, responsible and passionate team of TGA experts that will constantly and actively counteract animal rights propaganda, reverse pro-animal rights perceptions within southern African societies and governments, and that will purge society of the pernicious scourge of animal rights activism.
The latest generation of the TGA is run in an automated fashion and requires dedicated reagents to trigger coagulation and a fluorometer equipped with computer software to record and calculate the parameters stemming from the thrombogram.
In order to implement measurement routines quickly, a unique software solution for automatic baseline correction called TGA BeFlat is included.
Results indicated that disease severity had no effect on foliar TGA concentrations; however age of plant and length of inoculation period corresponded to higher glycoalkaloids contents and disease severity of leaves.
ATMS representatives are negotiating with the TGA, and other stakeholders, to attain a solution which is in our best interests.
TGA is a universal test capable of assessing a research subject's global hemostatic balance in the case of hemorrhage or thrombosis.
TGA employs 26 engineering staff at its North East base and is currently working on design projects at Durham Cathedral, Durham University Business School and the Hitachi Rail Plant in Newton Aycliffe.
The awards were presented at the recent 2012 TGA Annual Meeting at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.