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It puts me i' mind o' the swallows as was under the thack last 'ear when they fust begun to sing low an' soft-like i' th' mornin'.
Why, it nibbles off three shillin' o' the price i' no time; an' then a packman like me can carry 't to the poor lasses as live under the dark thack, to make a bit of a blaze for 'em.
In third place were Gordon White, Richard Dignam and John McLeod of Thack AC, who also weighed in 11 fish for 27lb 7.
It starts at Renwick in the Eden Valley in Cumbria and climbs up on to Thack Moor, which in 2013 was reassessed by GPS and accepted by the Ordnance Survey to be over 2,000ft high, thus becoming a mountain.
Jeremy Bobb, as unpleasant hospital administrator Herman Barrow; and Eve Hewson, as Nurse Lucy Elkins, who's really into Thack.
This historic house is thatched in heather - known locally as black thack - and dates from the 18th century.
The ECC rejected a proposal made by Gilgit Baltistan that foreign funded projects namely 26MW Shagharthang Skardu and 4MW Thack Chilas may be exempted from the conditionality of relending and repayment and that instead Government of Pakistan may pick up the loans of these projects.
Long believed to be 1,998ft high, Thack Moor, in the Cumbrian Pennines, had fallen 2ft short of being classified as a mountain.
30 (280m): Frisco (2), Bazooka (1), Thack (1), Domino (1), Nosey Time (Scr), Sparrow Hawk (Scr).
Stroup DF, Berlin JA, Morton SC, Olkin I, Williamson GD, Rennie D, Moher D, Becker BJ, Sipe TA, Thack er SB.
The Technology and Online Technology Presentation Theatre returns, following its successful launch at WTM 2010, with sessions from a number of leading tech firms including TripAdvisor and RateTiger -- eRevMax, plus the theatre will present the THack by Tnooz and have presentations from many other exhibitors including Ixaris and ZOLV.
Among the project for those the allocation has been made in current fiscal and are planned to be initiated in fiscal 2009-10 include social development package for 13 constituencies along LoC in AJK against (Rs 500 million), green skilled Kashmir programme (Rs 500 million), 26 MW Hydro Power Project Shagarthang (Rs 400 million) and 4 MW Hydro Power project at Thack Nullah Chilas (Rs 211 million) and others.