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Egypt Today sheds light on a few of Asala's songs: "Thak El Ghaby" Asala sang this song in the Arabian Gulf dialect; the song was released in 2016 and amassed 63 million views on YouTube.
A 2 km wide shear zone is present between Thalpan and Thak villages which is characterized by its north-south orientation, shear folds and the presence of sheared tonalite.
She is our Madhya Pradesh's daughter (Vasundhara ko aaram do, bahut thak gayi hain, bahut moti ho gayi hain, pehle patli thi.
Reynolds compared the book with the "widely respected thesis" on Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat--subsequently published as Thailand: The Politics of Despotic Paternalism (Thak 2007)--written by Thak Chaloemtiarana, a classmate of Taylor's at Cornell.
The pilot projects included Rs5.8 billion Harpo Hydro Power Project of 34.5 MW, Rs7.11 billion Shagharthang Hydro Power Project of 26 MW , Rs1.3 billion Thak Chilas Hydro Power Project worth 4 MW, over Rs8 billion Ghuwari Hydro Power Project of 30 MW, Rs6.2 billion Hanzil Hydro Power Project of 20 MW, 100 MW of KIU power project and 80 MW of Phandar Power Project.
Baig: For instance, there's a dialogue that goes, "Main thak gya hoon." [I am tired.] We spent a good while discussing how to say it like the Khaggas would do.
Chlas Thak check-post has been setup with provision of all necessary resources that was appreciated by tourists coming in large number, he informed.
Thak Chaloemtiarana in The politics of despotic paternalism, Sarit
Sahara here implicitly refers to Panini 4.4.41: dharman carati, which introduces the taddhita suffix thak (4.4.1: prag vahates thak) to a pada with a second-triplet ending to form a derivate signifying one who regularly carries out dharma.
Legends started as a game show back in the '90s on Nickelodeon, but the 2016 version is an awesome adventure flick where three kids get tied up in the war between * King Olmec and Prince Zuma and the evil Thak. So Nickelodeon didn't just reboot the beloved show--they totally rebuilt it.
Sam An said he could not cooperate with the court, maintaining that suspension of his immunity required a two-thirds majority vote - as happened last week in the case of opposition Senator Thak Lany.