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v. t.1.To thwack.
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Tenders are invited for Kanpur Road Yojna Key Sector M Mey Nageswar Mandir Key Bagal Sey Pichey Ki Or Bhawan No 867 Sey 1110 Thak Awses Road Adn U Drain Sudranikaran Ka Karya
Baig: For instance, there's a dialogue that goes, "Main thak gya hoon.
Chlas Thak check-post has been setup with provision of all necessary resources that was appreciated by tourists coming in large number.
Legends started as a game show back in the '90s on Nickelodeon, but the 2016 version is an awesome adventure flick where three kids get tied up in the war between * King Olmec and Prince Zuma and the evil Thak.
This article analyses political events thak took place in El Salvador between 2014 and 2015, when two electoral contests have been held and the FMLN won its second's presidential contest after the nomination of one of its historical leader, Salvador Sanchez Ceren.
General George Gathuoi Thak (Deputy Commander), 3) Maj.
I am taking all the medicines in time, and even then unable to do my work properly' (mai sari dawa samay se leta hoon, itne din ho gaye phir bhi apna kaam sahi nahi kar pata, jaldi thak jata hoon).
According to the officials, the site is situated in Thak Das, a barren piece of land near Chilas, where a brigade will be stationed.
Assessment of deforestation in Thak valley was carried out on temporal basis to elaborate the forests cover change from 1989 to 2009 using Landsat satellite data.
HOURS after nine criminals of the notorious thak- thak gang were arrested, the Delhi Police has found that they were running their organised gang with the help of police officers of south district.