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An ancient city of northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea in present-day Tunisia. Julius Caesar defeated the forces of Cato the Younger here in 46 bc.


(Placename) an ancient town near Carthage in North Africa: site of Caesar's victory over Pompey in 46 bc


(ˈθæp səs)

an ancient town on the coast of Tunisia: decisive victory of Caesar 46 B.C.
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Wider studies enabled identification of species such as Achillea millefolium, Artriplex nitens, Chenopodium album, Cirsium arvense, Daucus carota, Matricaria inodora, Picris hieracioides, Sonchus arvensis, Sonchus Asper, Tussilago farfara and Verbascum Thapsus (Ciesielczuk et al.
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Haplothrips verbasci (Osborn) reproduces on the stems and flowers of Verbascum thapsus L.
Anthelmintic and insecticidal activities of Verbascum thapsus L.
After Caesar's victory at Thapsus in 46 BC, he moved to a new theatre of war in Spain and fought for Pompey's sons.
Gracilis stinging nettle (Aiton) Selander Verbascum thapsus L.
To improve URT conditions, anti-inflammatory/anti-allergy herbs such as Sambucus nigra, Euphrasia officinalis and Verbascum thapsus are useful.
The terseness of Ovid's notice makes for an interesting comparison with another notice of civil war on 6 April, the battle of Thapsus, won by Julius Caesar (4.
The Civil War campaign continued in North Africa, where Caesar was finally victorious at the battle of Thapsus (46 BC).