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 (thā′sŏs′, thä′sôs)
An island of northeast Greece in the northern Aegean Sea. It was colonized by Phoenicians and later ruled by Athens, Rome, Byzantium, and Turkey. The island was ceded to Greece in 1913.


(Placename) a Greek island in the N Aegean: colonized by Greeks from Paros in the 7th century bc as a gold-mining centre; under Turkish rule (1455–1912). Pop: 13 761 (2001). Area: 379 sq km (146 sq miles)


(ˈθɑ sɔs, -sɒs, -soʊs, ˈθeɪ-)

a Greek island in the N Aegean. 13,316; ab. 170 sq. mi. (440 sq. km).
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Dozens more firefighters, two planes and a helicopter tackled a separate forest fire on the northern island of Thassos.
supply of paper to meet the needs of the decentralized administration of macedonia-thrace for the year 2019 in the prefecture of drama (cities: Drama, Nevrokopi), Evros (cities: Alexandroupolis, Didimoticho, Soufli), Kavala cities: Kavala, Thassos), Xanthi (cities: Xanthi, Stavroupoli), Rodopi (city: Komotini).
Potamon (Pontipotamon) ibericum tauricum natio troijensis Pretzmann (Thassos, Greek island).
Members of the group previously travelled from Bahrain to Dublin in 2004, Bahrain to Britain in 2008, and in 2010 they travelled to Thassos, Greece.
Ten ships namely, CMA CGM Almaviva, Express Rome, Thassos, Valadon, YM Miranda, Houyoshi Park, Gas Esco, Simaisma, Manuela Botigliri and Totonno Bottiglieri are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Soya bean seeds, Canola seeds, Chemicals, LPG, LNG, Palm oil and Furnace oil respectively during last 24 hours.
y Potolias, C., A multi-criteria methodology for energy planning and developing renewable energy sources at a regional level: A case study Thassos, Greece, Energ Policy, 52, 522-530 (2013)
Following the successful launch of Mykonos last year, and Thassos in 2016, the Olympus Riviera, located on the eastern coast of the mainland, will be operating on weekly flights from Manchester into Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki.
It may not have an Austin Powers-style rotating bed, but it does feature expertly outfitted closets and an en suite bathroom, beautifully appointed with Thassos marble and the finest fixtures.
Antispara, Samos, Ikaria, and Thassos (labeled in purple letters on the
Throuba olives from Crete (Thassos variety) are a popular table olive cured in this manner.
Head of the Eoka veterans' association, Thassos Sophocleous said all Eoka fighters were tortured during colonial rule, some to a lesser extent and others to a bigger extent.