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 (thā′sŏs′, thä′sôs)
An island of northeast Greece in the northern Aegean Sea. It was colonized by Phoenicians and later ruled by Athens, Rome, Byzantium, and Turkey. The island was ceded to Greece in 1913.


(Placename) a Greek island in the N Aegean: colonized by Greeks from Paros in the 7th century bc as a gold-mining centre; under Turkish rule (1455–1912). Pop: 13 761 (2001). Area: 379 sq km (146 sq miles)


(ˈθɑ sɔs, -sɒs, -soʊs, ˈθeɪ-)

a Greek island in the N Aegean. 13,316; ab. 170 sq. mi. (440 sq. km).
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Contract award notice: Contract t5-02: "cadastral study and support services for the creation of the national cadastre in the other areas of the regional districts of thassos and rodopi of the region of eastern macedonia and thrace"
Head of the Eoka veterans' association, Thassos Sophocleous said all Eoka fighters were tortured during colonial rule, some to a lesser extent and others to a bigger extent.
42 Crosby comprised a total of nine three-bedroom homes and one five-bedroom, all with the glass walls as well as customer interiors with Boffi Kitchens, Bardiglio and Thassos marble and Terrazzo flooring.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 10 October 2017: The construction company responsible for restoration works at Al Azhar mosque finished installing on its ground the highest quality of Thassos white marble as a part of its rehabilitation.
The Thassos marble used for the outdoor floor is from Greece and these marbles reflect the sunlight and keep the temperature stabilised throughout the day.
Bold and geometric, Tilebar's Highland Nightglow tile features Nero Marquina and white Thassos marble, composed with elegant symmetry.
995 million, it has all the luxury touches you'd expect from the flamboyant billionaire: an elevator, a Carrara marble patio, and bathrooms with Azul Bahia granite from Brazil and Thassos marble from Greece.
You will find lush scenery, gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal clear waters - and you can make your base the four-star Sentido Thassos Imperial.
A seven-night Greek Island break at the four-star Sentido Thassos Imperial starts from PS386pp including flights, transfers and half-board in May.
40) Fedor Meerts and Thassos Coulaloglu (41) came to the same conclusion, comparing compliance of Estonia, Romania and Ukraine to EU demands.
In the white stone category, the sublime elegance of Bianco Sivec, Thassos, Calacatta white and Staturio N have peaked in demand over the last two years.
The team hopes to release similar books on UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Greece, Italy and France in the near future, said Mushaima who had also spearheaded the Friendship Arabia tours in 2004 with the Dilmun to Dublin trip, then the Bahrain to Britain in 2008 and Tylos to Thassos in Greece in 2010.