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1. Plant stalks or foliage, such as reeds or palm fronds, used for roofing.
2. Something, such as a thick growth of hair on the head, that resembles thatch.
3. Dead turf, as on a lawn.
tr.v. thatched, thatch·ing, thatch·es
To cover with or as if with thatch.

[Middle English thacche, alteration (influenced by thecchen, thacchen, to thatch, from Old English theccan, to cover) of thak, from Old English thæc; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]

thatch′er n.
thatch′y adj.


 (thăch′ər), Baroness Margaret Hilda 1925-2013.
British politician who served as prime minister (1979-1990). Her administration was marked by anti-inflationary measures, a brief war in the Falkland Islands (1982), and the passage of a poll tax.


(Biography) Margaret (Hilda), Baroness (née Roberts). 1925–2013, British stateswoman; leader of the Conservative Party (1975–90); prime minister (1979–90)


(ˈθætʃ ər)

Margaret (Hilda), born 1925, British prime minister 1979–90.
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Noun1.Thatcher - British stateswoman; first woman to serve as Prime Minister (born in 1925)
2.thatcher - someone skilled in making a roof from plant stalks or foliage
roofer - a craftsman who lays or repairs roofs


[ˈθætʃəʳ] Nempajador(a) m/f de tejados


nDachdecker(in) m(f)
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Then the jaws of the booms whined against the masts, and the sheets creaked, and the sails filled with roaring; and when she slid into a hollow she trampled like a woman tripped in her own silk dress, and came out, her jib wet half-way up, yearning and peering for the tall twin-lights of Thatcher's Island.
As he was passing by the house where Jeff Thatcher lived, he saw a new girl in the garden -- a lovely little blue-eyed creature with yellow hair plaited into two long-tails, white summer frock and embroidered pan- talettes.
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