The Border

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specifically, the frontier districts of Scotland and England which lie adjacent.

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that economic needs drive many young people from Latin America to cross the border into the U.
The border between Mexico and the United States is an artificial line dividing a geographical region that is otherwise ecologically, economically, and culturally integrated.
Mexico border, the Border Patrol agents who were prowling in the brush assumed the girl to be a fleeing undocumented migrant and opened fire, shattering her kneecap.
As far as the associated costs of truck driver registration/security checks, he reiterates that while he does not question the rationale behind voluntary driver background checks for those waiting to obtain expedited clearance at the border, he does notice a huge distinction between the Commercial Driver Registration Program (CDRP) and the proposed bilateral FAST card.
Historically, neighbors on both sides of the border crossed daily the dividing line to visit family, conduct business and shop.
When Pat Buchanan called for longer stretches of the border to be fenced or otherwise closed off with trenches or walls, he was dismissed as a right-wing zealot.
The border of promise had in many places become a border of peril.
In other words, a payment originates in the domestic currency, undergoes a foreign-exchange conversion at the border, and is received by the beneficiary in his or her national currency denomination, as derived from the foreign-exchange conversion.
On the border, what passes for affordable housing is colonias," Homer says.