The Conquest

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(Eng. Hist.) the subjugation of England by William of Normandy in 1066. The Norman Conquest.

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To-day we must accept it as one of the earliest castles of the Conquest, probably not later than the time of Henry I.
Then the bands played their most stirring music while Glinda's army marched into the city, and heralds proclaimed the conquest of the audacious Jinjur and the accession of the beautiful Princess Ozma to the throne of her royal ancestors.
And it is said that the women were so tired eating of their husbands' cooking that they all hailed the conquest of Jinjur with Joy.
men, waited the word to cross over the border and begin the conquest of Lower California.
What, my friends, is the conquest of one nation by another?
General Guph thought the Whimsies would be a great help to the Nomes in the conquest of Oz, for under his leadership they could be induced to fight as long so they could stand up.
A circumstance which greatly tended to enhance the tyranny of the nobility, and the sufferings of the inferior classes, arose from the consequences of the Conquest by Duke William of Normandy.
This state of things I have thought it necessary to premise for the information of the general reader, who might be apt to forget, that, although no great historical events, such as war or insurrection, mark the existence of the Anglo-Saxons as a separate people subsequent to the reign of William the Second; yet the great national distinctions betwixt them and their conquerors, the recollection of what they had formerly been, and to what they were now reduced, continued down to the reign of Edward the Third, to keep open the wounds which the Conquest had inflicted, and to maintain a line of separation betwixt the descendants of the victor Normans and the vanquished Saxons.
If any thing had been wanting either to convince Julia of the truth of her conjecture, or to secure the conquest of Antonio, our heroine felt that this short ride had abundantly supplied it.
It brought an army which was intended for the conquest of Canada.
actions during the conquest from liberation to conquest, showing how it provided 'real world entertainment' by dramatizing events for the American public.

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