The Consolidated Fund

a British fund formed by consolidating (in 1787) three public funds (the Aggregate Fund, the General Fund, and the South Sea Fund). In 1816, the larger part of the revenues of Great Britian and Ireland was assigned to what has been known as the Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom, out of which are paid the interest of the national debt, the salaries of the civil list, etc.

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During his State of the Nation address last month, President Weah promised to reduce his salary and benefits by 25% and give the proceeds back to the consolidated fund for allocation and appropriation as they see fit.
While delivering the ruling, Justice Ombwayo ordered the government to pay the money from the Consolidated Fund.
Kenya Women Parliamentary Association deputy chairperson Rosa Buyu said the consolidated Fund should be channelled to the grassroots through the Woman Representative offices.
Of the remaining e1/460 million, 35/60 (e1/435 million) will go into the national resolution fund, and 25/60 (e1/425 million) will be paid into the Consolidated Fund of the Republic.
While the civil aviation ministry argued that since security is a sovereign function, the money should come from the consolidated fund of the Government of India, the finance ministry is said to have suggested that the burden should be passed on to the air travellers.
The Indian government is to charge penal interest on state governments, if they delay the transfer of funds for more than 15 days from the Consolidated Fund of the States to the Implementation Entities (IEs).
All expenses to be charged to the Consolidated Fund of India (Funds available to the Lokpal will not be dependent on the annual budget voted by Lok Sabha).
Fees collected by the DGCA from airlines go to the Consolidated Fund of India.
Subsequently World Bank said that the project aims to provide funding for maintenance of the existing national road network through the Road Maintenance Trust Fund and complement the funding currently being received from the consolidated fund.
The Government's share of any valuation surplus from the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme is released over a 10-year period and paid directly into the Consolidated Fund as Consolidated Fund Extra Receipts'.
President Weah on Monday said in view of the very rapidly deteriorating situation of the economy, he was with immediate effect, reducing his salary and benefits by 25% and giving the proceeds back to the Consolidated Fund for Allocation and Appropriation as they see fit.
The surplus in the consolidated fund balance rose to 85 million in the first eleven months of this year.

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