The Continental Congress

an assembly of deputies from the thirteen British colonies in America, appointed to deliberate in respect to their common interests. They first met in 1774, and from time thereafter until near the close of the Revolution.

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35) The Continental Congress made agreements that would assist in its war with Great Britain, (36) cement its status as an independent sovereign, (37) and assist in the economic development and expansion of the United States.
In responding to the objection, the collective sense of the Continental Congress was that America could not fight two wars at once--the external war against Great Britain and the internal war against slavery.
During the Revolutionary War, the rebelling colonies and the Continental Congress were anything but too big to fail.
It's considered the "official" version of the Declaration because it's the only one signed by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and all the other members of the Continental Congress shortly after its adoption on July 4, 1776.
On September 20, 1776, the Continental Congress approved an oath that, once again, made no reference to God.
In his book "The First American Revolution,'' Ray Raphael proves the people of rural Massachusetts -- like those of Worcester County and the Blackstone Valley -- established America as a direct republic long before the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia decided what to do.
The Continental Congress passed a resolution thanking Moultrie.
Armstrong, who fought with Washington in the American Revolution, was a Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress.
Beeman (history, University of Pennsylvania) offers intimate portraits of each of the delegates to the Continental Congress of 1774, shedding light on the radical nature of the decision for independence.
July 4, 1776: Claiming separation from Great Britain, the Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopts the Declaration of Independence.
10) Although the Continental Congress directed and financed the Revolutionary War effort, it had been largely dependent on the States in doing so because the Articles government needed the support of nine states to exercise any of its principal powers.
May God protect the Continental Congress of these United States