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Noun1.T. S. Eliot - British poet (born in the United States) who won the Nobel prize for literatureT. S. Eliot - British poet (born in the United States) who won the Nobel prize for literature; his plays are outstanding examples of modern verse drama (1888-1965)
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There is then in all persons a natural impetus to associate with each other in this manner, and he who first founded civil society was the cause of the greatest good; for as by the completion of it man is the most excellent of all living beings, so without law and justice he would be the worst of all, for nothing is so difficult to subdue as injustice in arms: but these arms man is born with, namely, prudence and valour, which he may apply to the most opposite purposes, for he who abuses them will be the most wicked, the most cruel, the most lustful, and most gluttonous being imaginable; for justice is a political virtue, by the rules of it the state is regulated, and these rules are the criterion of what is right.
If we therefore take his ideas on this point as the criterion of truth, we shall be driven to the alternative either of taking refuge at once in the arms of monarchy, or of splitting ourselves into an infinity of little, jealous, clashing, tumultuous commonwealths, the wretched nurseries of unceasing discord, and the miserable objects of universal pity or contempt.
Why, because he distinguishes the face of a friend and of an enemy only by the criterion of knowing and not knowing.
To meet the criterion, the individual case had to be the unit of intervention and the unit of data analysis, measured repeatedly over time, and included a baseline phase.
The criterion (b) was included, possibly due to the availability of more laboratory and field test results and to the evolution and advancement of field instruments to measure instant off-potentials more readily.
To determine whether each of the criterion in the DSM-IV definition of PG contributed to the diagnosis of this disorder in these 40 patients, the researchers posed a set of questions that reflects the current DSM-IV criteria.
For example, as warfare shifts from the nation-state model to conflict with and between non-state actors, the criterion of legitimate authority, which has traditionally conferred the power to wage war upon heads of state, is called into question.
Shewmon has shown that 'brain death' does not lead to the total loss of somatic integrated unity of the bodily functions, the criterion for the death of a person given by Pope John Paul 11.
The criterion such librarians most frequently choose is library relevancy, which they in turn simplify further to mean popularity with users.
Thus, further expenditure of resources on the care of Baby Boy-X could hardly be justified based on the criterion of merit.
It is a limited history, taking the use of criteria of authenticity of words and actions of Jesus, and especially the criterion of dissimilarity, as its angle of approach.