The Debatable Land

a tract of land between the Esk and the Sark, claimed by both England and Scotland; the Batable Ground.

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Moreover she, and Clare also, stood as yet on the debatable land between predilection and love; where no profundities have been reached; no reflections have set in, awkwardly inquiring, "Whither does this new current tend to carry me?
The newspapers: Graham Robb concludes his recent book about the English-Scottish border, The Debatable Land, by wondering how the Europe referendum could have such different results in contiguous constituencies on either side of the boundary.
Full in front, the spire of Halesby Church pierced the film of smoke that settled in the valley of the Stour, the debatable land between the black and the green.
Minister at Naples (1855-58) he became interested in spiritualism and wrote two explanatory books: Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World (1860) and The Debatable Land Between This World and the Next (1872).
The debatable lands investigated in this volume are delightfully various.
Topics include Norrlandic revivalism in the novels and short stories of Torgny Lindgren, the debatable lands and passable boundaries of gender and nation, and Greenlandic literature between nation and globalization.