The Devil's tattoo

a drumming with the fingers or feet.
See under Devil.

See also: Devil, Tattoo

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Then the captain's curly lips began to twitch with anxiety, and the captain's restless fingers beat the devil's tattoo unremittingly on the window-pane.
But the little chap seized him at once by the nose; gave it a swing and a pull; clapped the big chapeau de-bras upon his head; knocked it down over his eyes and mouth; and then, lifting up the big fiddle, beat him with it so long and so soundly, that what with the belfry-man being so fat, and the fiddle being so hollow, you would have sworn that there was a regiment of double-bass drummers all beating the devil's tattoo up in the belfry of the steeple of Vondervotteimittiss.
Lord Steyne made no reply except by beating the devil's tattoo and biting his nails.
Vholes?" says Richard, sitting down again with an impatient laugh and beating the devil's tattoo with his boot on the patternless carpet.
I've only just waked up, and he'd play the devil's tattoo on me if he knew the letter hadn't gone.
Like the glamorous air of mystery of a BMW driving along a desert road to the sound of Beat The Devil's Tattoo or the sophistication of a Lexus to the backing of Like What You See.
It meant distinguishing between songs like 666 Conducer, Red Eyes And Tears and Beat The Devil's Tattoo was difficult.
As treasured as their older tracks are, such as Red Eyes and Tears and Whatever Happened...., songs from current LP Beat The Devil's Tattoo were equally well received.
CURRENTLY in the middle of the UK leg of their world tour in support of the new Beat The Devil's Tattoo album, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will return for more dates in December.
The influence of The Jesus And Mary Chain is always there - Beat the Devil's Tattoo and Conscience Killer owe a heavy debt to the East Kilbride noise-mongers.
BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB Bad Blood Second single from guitar band's superb new album Beat The Devil's Tattoo.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat The Devil's Tattoo THE title track alone puts BRMC back on the map with the blistering retro swagger that reeks of late-Sixties blues grunge.
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