The disciples

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the twelve selected companions of Jesus; - also called the apostles.

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The disciples of the prophet had since redoubled their efforts, and resisted, by words at least, the authority of Congress.
It is battered and scarred in every direction, and stained and discolored by time, and Napoleon's horses kicked the legs off most the disciples when they (the horses, not the disciples,) were stabled there more than half a century ago.
Any one who is acquainted with the old masters will comprehend how much "The Last Supper" is damaged when I say that the spectator can not really tell, now, whether the disciples are Hebrews or Italians.
And we may perhaps even indulge in the fancy that the actual defence of Socrates was as much greater than the Platonic defence as the master was greater than the disciple.
Shocked and unable to control their emotions, the disciples started ransacking everything coming in their way.
The disciples of John and of the Pharisees were accustomed to fast.
In Matthew 4:18-19, Jesus called the disciples to "Come, follow me.
All we know about the first group Jesus breaks in on is that it included some but not all of the disciples and they were afraid enough to have locked themselves in, leaving the distinct impression that they were in hiding.
In responding to this question that was shared with each person who would be making a presentation at this consultation, there are five significant developments I would identify regarding our current understanding of "believers' baptism" within the Disciples of Christ.
focuses on the disciples in their present life, yet on their way to future completion in the kingdom.
Of all the portrayals of the disciples in the Gospels, Mark's is the most severe.
Another scene depicts the anguish that the disciples of Christ felt, as they hid and waited, fearing a similar fate.