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the title given to the works of the philosopher Plotinus, published by his pupil Porphyry; - so called because each of the six books into which it is divided contains nine chapters.

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Each chapter helpfully ends with suggested primary and English secondary sources for further reading, but the introductory bibliography is already dated, missing the 2010 French edition of The Enneads and the 2018 one-volume English translation.
The Enneads of Plotinus with Philosophical Commentaries
(15.) Plato, Symposium, in Complete Works, 211e-212a and Plotinus, The Enneads, trans.
Throughout the Enneads, they are crucial to understanding the specific causality of intelligible realities and the relation of participation between intelligible and sensible realms.
Cooper successfully navigates the reader through the relevant parts of the Enneads. He does this by avoiding the highly technical terminology of Neo-Platonism while not sacrificing a rigorous analysis of Plotinus' views.
However, probably the most influential attempt at harnessing Parmenides to the cart of Neoplatonism, stems from the Enneads (5.1.8), where Plotinus had suggested the intimate connection between his three hypostases (One, Intellect, Soul) and the three first hypotheses of Parmenides (see Beierwaltes 1985:194-197).
That case was further complicated by the fact that Marius Victorinus's Latin translation of the Enneads, which Augustine used, is no longer extant.
The essential Plotinus: Representative treatises from the Enneads by Plotinus.
Rather than accepting the unadulterated Plotinus of the Enneads, Celenza argues, Ficino viewed both his works and those of his student Porphyry through "Iamblichan eyes" (93), as providing a justification for theurgy and spiritual magic.
The first essay in the Enneads helps us come to understand our
Major Works: The Enneads, written between 253 and 270

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