The Golden Bull

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an edict or imperial constitution made by the emperor Charles IV. (1356), containing what became the fundamental law of the German empire; - so called from its golden seal.

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ITH Charities Partnership with FACE of HARVEST, (501 (c) 3 Corps) ITH Charities partners with FACE of HARVEST (based in California) to host a fundraising event, Give Back Malawi, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, at the Golden Bull Grand Cafe on June 11th, 2016.
It is often forgotten that Voltaire wrote the renowned phrase not primarily as a reference to the HRE of the time he wrote it in 1756, but as a closing line at the end of his treatment of the Golden Bull of 1356.
Voltaire's mockery of the Golden Bull of 1356 does little justice to the immense success of Charles IV's tour de force at the time and afterwards (see Petersen 1966; Barraclough 1963, 315-21; Zeumer 1908).
Thus Voltaire's denigration of the Holy and the Roman--the glorious Roman Empire was in fact governed by power-mad barbarians, who imposed a tyrannical pax in the name of civilization--negates all three prongs of the HRE at the time of the Golden Bull. Voltaire's perspective through much of the Essai is presentist and polemical, as a way to both praise and belittle the Europe of the 1750s.
The Golden Bull and previous agreements were made between the Emperor and the estates, yet always subject to current needs when the balance had to be maintained.
The Golden Bull awards recognise the year's most baffling examples of gobbledegook.
The bull represents the golden bull of Wall Street and the man pinned to the wall is jailed financier Bernard Madoff
to the Empire he gave an imperial constitution (the Golden Bull of 1356) which reflected its nature as a unique federation.
A letter from chief executive Ian Millar's office seemed to suggest he was targeting the Golden Bull award for gobbledegook recently awarded to Rhodri Morgan.
Individuals who have received the Golden Bull award include Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone for what the campaign described as ``the most baffling verbal statement of the year.''
Prof David Booth, from the psychology department at the University of Birmingham, is one of eight recipients of the Golden Bull Awards made by the Plain English Campaign today.
The Golden Bulls will be handed out today at a ceremony in London, but Mr Rumsfeld is unlikely to attend.