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Noun1.goonie - a variety of albatross with black feetgoonie - a variety of albatross with black feet
mollymawk, albatross - large web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings; noted for powerful gliding flight
genus Diomedea - type of the Diomedeidae
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PROBABLY the greatest band ever named after a family in The Goonies is coming to Liverpool next week.
The sound of laughter among all the Goonies was infectious.
NEW YORK (AP) -- A band of misfits known as the Goonies, a sinking ship, some baseball ghosts and the unrelenting New York cop John McClane are being added to the prestigious National Film Registry.
The campaign leading up to the new series has been very clever, the last poster being issued ahead of the release being a homage to much-loved 80s movie The Goonies, above.
They include the likes of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, The Goonies, Jaws and the ever-popular Back To The Future.
Super 8 Film4 9pm PREMIERE The Goonies meets Stranger Things in J.
It's like a more sinister version of The Goonies - the Eighties were cool
It's tough to overstate the weirdness of Corey Feldmanhe of The Two Coreys, The Goonies, and Stand By Meperforming a song from his latest record, Angelic to the Core, on the Today show last week.
In fact you could make a bingo card of 1980s classics The Goonies, ET, Poltergiest, IT, Nightmare On Elm Street.
The Prophet, A Separation , I also love Jerry Maguire , and The Goonies [the audience cheers].
While comparisons to the movie The Goonies are inevitable, this title certainly stands on its own.