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grand master

or grand·mas·ter (grănd′măs′tər)
1. A chess player regarded as having the highest level of ability.
2. A person of the highest competence or achievement in a field.


1. (Chess & Draughts) chess
a. one of the top chess players of a particular country
b. (capital as part of title): Grandmaster of Russia.
2. (Chess & Draughts) chess Also called: International Grandmaster a player who has been awarded the highest title by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs
3. a leading exponent of any of various arts
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Noun1.grandmaster - a player of exceptional or world class skill in chess or bridge
International Grandmaster - a chess player who has been awarded the highest title by an international chess organization
player, participant - a person who participates in or is skilled at some game


[ˌgrændˈmɑːstər ˌgrændˈmæstər] n (CHESS)grand maître m
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It consists of two events, the Grandmaster Tournament, held with the round-robin system, and the Master Open Tournament (MTO), held with the Swiss system.
Moscow-born Dlugy has been a successful chess player since the 1980s, winning the International Master title, the World Junior Chess Championship and the Grandmaster title, among other honors.
Thor's Australian roommate Darryl (from the "Captain America: Civil War" DVD extras) returns, and this time the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) moves in.
Ultimately, the might of the Grandmaster prevailed, but not before facing some serious resistance against young David Phillips, one of the Academy's rising stars who forced Anish to pause for a significant think on several occasions.
The Grandmaster played and came first, said Nicolaou.
The rich historical drama The Grandmaster consolidates Wong Kar Wai's status as Hong Kong cinema's pre-eminent global export.
The Grandmaster feels city has many talented players
Earlier, the grandmaster described Kilic as a "young and dynamic minister".
"I'm really excited about the Grandmaster Flash gig as he's one of my heroes and he invented hip-hop basically."
The Grandmaster clock supports IEEE 1588-2008, or Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Version 2, ensuring the highest possible level of synchronization over a PSN.
Such marathons are as much athletic events as chess competitions because the grandmaster must stay on his feet and keep moving for so long that it becomes a test of endurance.
When the test topology physically separates the grandmaster from the slave by an inconvenient distance, two GPS-referenced XLi units work well to make the measurements (FIGURE 1).