The Great Spirit

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among the North American Indians, their chief or principal deity.

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They replied that it was a sacred day with them, and the Great Spirit would be angry should they devote it to hunting.
Preparatory to the chase, they performed some religious rites, and offered up to the Great Spirit a few short prayers for safety and success; then, having received the blessings of their wives, they leaped upon their horses and departed, leaving the whole party of Christian spectators amazed and rebuked by this lesson of faith and dependence on a supreme and benevolent Being.
Many a time," says he, "was my little lodge thronged, or rather piled with hearers, for they lay on the ground, one leaning over the other, until there was no further room, all listening with greedy ears to the wonders which the Great Spirit had revealed to the white man.
It was as though all the land had been smeared with the bloody hand of the Great Spirit, of the Umkulunkulu.
I know that we had not found out the path of the Great Spirit, that is all.
The Dutch landed, and gave my people the fire- water; they drank until the heavens and the earth seemed to meet, and they foolishly thought they had found the Great Spirit.
Its origin and nature were wrapped in mystery, and they conceived it an evil inflicted upon them by the Great Spirit, or brought among them by the white men.
The eye of the Great Spirit can see from the clouds— the bosom of Mohegan is bare
The Great Spirit overlooks none of his children; and the man of the woods is as much an object of his care as he who dwells in a palace.
When man is shut up in towns and schools, with his own follies, it may be easy to believe himself greater than the Master of Life; but a warrior, who lives in a house with the clouds for its roof, where he can at any moment look both at the heavens and at the earth, and who daily sees the power of the Great Spirit, should be more humble.
Since the Great Spirit made me a man, I have lived in the wilderness, or on these naked plains, without lodge or family.
Monseigneur," replied Gourville, "you would excite my pity, if I did not know you for one of the great spirits of this world.