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One who lives in a highland.


1. (Peoples) a native of the Highlands of Scotland
2. (Military) a member of a Scottish Highland regiment


(ˈhaɪ lən dər)

1. a native or inhabitant of the Highlands of Scotland.
2. a soldier of a Highland regiment.
3. (l.c.) an inhabitant of any highland region.
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Noun1.Highlander - a soldier in a Scottish regiment from the HighlandsHighlander - a soldier in a Scottish regiment from the Highlands
soldier - an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army; "the soldiers stood at attention"
2.Highlander - a native of the Highlands of ScotlandHighlander - a native of the Highlands of Scotland
Scot, Scotchman, Scotsman - a native or inhabitant of Scotland


[ˈhaɪləndəʳ] Nmontañés/esa m/f
Highlander (Brit) habitante de las tierras altas de Escocia
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But that other man's name, inquire as you please, you shall not hear; for the Highlander values a secret for itself and for the congenial exercise of keeping it I might go on for long to justify one point and own another indefensible; it is more honest to confess at once how little I am touched by the desire of accuracy.
On these occasions might be seen the change since the unceremonious times of the old French traders; now the aristocratic character of the Briton shone forth magnificently, or rather the feudal spirit of the Highlander.
This flat, flourishing, easy country never could have looked more rich and prosperous than in that opening summer of 1815, when its green fields and quiet cities were enlivened by multiplied red- coats: when its wide chaussees swarmed with brilliant English equipages: when its great canal-boats, gliding by rich pastures and pleasant quaint old villages, by old chateaux lying amongst old trees, were all crowded with well-to-do English travellers: when the soldier who drank at the village inn, not only drank, but paid his score; and Donald, the Highlander, billeted in the Flemish farm- house, rocked the baby's cradle, while Jean and Jeannette were out getting in the hay.
For since the '45 the English had done everything to make the Highlanders forget their old language and customs.
For the English knew little of the Highlanders and their customs.
In the rebellion of Forty-Five, this northern squire sided to serious purpose with Prince Charles and the Highlanders.
The general conviction of scholars of the present day is that while Macpherson may have found some fragments of very ancient Gaelic verse in circulation among the Highlanders, he fabricated most of what he published.
Currently, Toyota Indiana builds the Highlander only in the West Plant alongside the Sequoia full-size sport utility vehicle.
The Highlander also has a strong record for reliability and is a recommended buy of Consumer Reports, where predicted reliability for the 2013 model is much better than average.
The owners of the Highlander Inn would be interested in continuing to provide the valet airport parking service that the Boston Manchester Regional Airport would like to replace.
He said: "Highlander has inspired millions worldwide and I am certain that we will be faithful to the Highlander legend and the Highlander fandom.
Using the feedback from the car's readouts, I was able to coax the Highlander to periods of 60 miles per gallon or better.