The King's English

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correct or current language of good speakers; pure English.
- Halliwell.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I have translated it here, not in verse (of which I have no skill) but at least in the king's English.
If you are going to write about Thailand, you need to make sure Americans and Brits are interested since only 27.16 percent of Thais can understand the King's English. Less than 20 percent of all Indonesians could read Mourdoukoutas's wisdom.
A child asking God to bless Mommy and Daddy is honored by God as much as a 10-minute prayer in the King's English. Prayers can include petitions for aid, words of praise, or just how we are feeling.
But Anne Holman, co-owner of The King's English Bookshop in the 15th and 15th neighborhood of Salt Lake City, says customers are drawn to the human perspective as well.
This year, on May 2, the celebration of the indie bookstore goes national with Independent Bookstore Day--and such institutions as Book Soup (L.A.) and The King's English Bookshop (Salt Lake City) hosting readings, throwing parties, and selling books and gifts made especially for (and only for) that day.
Set in a hedge school in Ballybeg, in Ireland in 1833, Translations sets the scene for the appearance of members of the British Army, who have been tasked to translate place names in the area from ancient Irish Gaelic to the King's English.
The world of the King's English is not the only linguistic choice.
"No-one speaks the King's English better than the King himself."
There was a time when the ESL and the EFL parts of the world were looking for 'the King's English' and later 'the Queen's English' but it is history; there is no shortage of kings and queens of English in the ESL and EFL worlds.
(I'm not sure how else to say it.) The history of the game is filled with Characters with a capital "C," from Rube Waddell (who supposedly missed a game because he was chasing firetrucks) to Dizzy Dean (whose mangling of the King's English was matched only by his offbeat personality) to Yogi Berra (whose legendary malapropisms have made him the master of the baseball flakes).
Used to speak the king's english But caught a rash on my lips So now I check just like dis.