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n.1.One of a group of children appearing on the television program The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950's.
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EVERY Saturday morning at the Oh-de-on" Were you ever a member of the Mickey Mouse Club at the Odeon in Loughborough?
Gordon Goodwin, the composer and musician who orchestrated the soundtrack and composed the overture and finale for The Forest of Enchantment, used to conduct the music to The Mickey Mouse Club while watching it as a child.
Since then they've rarely veered from the path of curious pop with at time huge results - surely the theme to Malcolm In The Middle and the Mickey Mouse Club made wealthy men of them - though it's unlikely you'd recognise them walking down the street.
com)-- Walt Disney's classic children's television series, the Mickey Mouse Club, is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year having debuted on ABC-TV on October 3, 1955.
com The Mickey Mouse Club BELOW: Annette Funicello, the dark-haired darling of TV's in the 1950s who further cemented her status as a pop-culture icon in the '60s by teaming with Frankie Avalon in a popular series of "beach" movies.
The celebrity pair met at the Mickey Mouse Club, which I must point out is a kids' TV show.
For those unfamiliar with their CVs, and maybe Ryan more than most has reason to airbrush it from his, all four big names began their careers on the American variety television show The Mickey Mouse Club.
But this year, on November 24, the 25-year-old, who started her career alongside Britney Spears in American TV show The Mickey Mouse Club, will be getting Back To Basics (the title of her recent number one album) with her North-East fans ( and it's a fair bet she'll be looking beautiful too.
Then there was the Mickey Mouse Club at the Piccadilly Cinema on Saturday morning - two pence in the stalls, threepence in the balcony (in old money of course).
Kaleb Harvey, six, from Billingham, will feature in the Mickey Mouse Club, which launched the careers of the chart topping US pop stars in the 1990s.
She got her big break on children's series The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992 alongside Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.
15) Only in 1955, when Mattel bought ad time on Disney's new daily TV program for children, the Mickey Mouse Club, did Mattel become a major innovator.