The New Jerusalem

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Heaven; the Celestial City.

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They still dream of experimental realisation of their social Utopias, of founding isolated "phalansteres," of establishing "Home Colonies," of setting up a "Little Icaria" -- duodecimo editions of the New Jerusalem -- and to realise all these castles in the air, they are compelled to appeal to the feelings and purses of the bourgeois.
And saintly men, who walk with God on earth, would fain be away, to walk with him on the golden pavements of the New Jerusalem. "
She was getting away from Tipton and Freshitt, and her own sad liability to tread in the wrong places on her way to the New Jerusalem.
"Little woman, I'd gamble all the way from Creation to the Day of Judgment; I'd gamble a golden harp against another man's halo; I'd toss for pennies on the front steps of the New Jerusalem or set up a faro layout just outside the Pearly Gates; but I'll be everlastingly damned if I'll gamble on love.
Taintless and wonderful it seemed, like a street of pearl in the new Jerusalem.
In fact, all have equal rights with me--and /vive la guerre eternelle/--till the New Jerusalem, of course!"
The prophet that thought the splendors of the New Jerusalem were revealed to him, surely saw this instead!
To Lucas, the religious zealot, the co-operative commonwealth was the New Jerusalem, the kingdom of Heaven, which is "within you." To the other, Socialism was simply a necessary step toward a far-distant goal, a step to be tolerated with impatience.
The rapture of the Moravian and Quietist; the opening of the internal sense of the Word, in the language of the New Jerusalem Church; the revival of the Calvinistic churches; the experiences of the Methodists, are varying forms of that shudder of awe and delight with which the individual soul always mingles with the universal soul.
Then, just as Solomon's Temple was reconstructed by Zerubbabel, so shall we pass through death's dark valley to become bricks and pillars in the Shining Temple of the New Jerusalem.
The main features of the city, as presented in 21:2.9-10, are: the New Jerusalem; the bride of the Lamb; the holy city; coming down from God.
Awala of the Delta State High Court, ordering the New Jerusalem Church of God, Warri, to take possession of the house and land at No.