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1. One that oils engines or machinery.
2. Nautical
a. An oil tanker.
b. A ship that burns oil as fuel.
3. See oilcan.
4. See oil well.
5. Informal An oilskin garment.


1. a person, device, etc, that lubricates or supplies oil
2. (Nautical Terms) an oil tanker
3. (Mining & Quarrying) an oil well


(ˈɔɪ lər)

1. a person or thing that oils.
2. a worker employed to oil machinery.
3. oilcan.
4. Often, oilers. an oilskin garment.
5. a ship that carries large oil cargoes.


A naval or merchant tanker specially equipped and rigged for replenishing other ships at sea.
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Noun1.oiler - a worker who oils engines or machineryoiler - a worker who oils engines or machinery
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
2.oiler - a well that yields or has yielded oiloiler - a well that yields or has yielded oil
gusher - an oil well with a strong natural flow so that pumping is not necessary
spouter - an oil well that is spouting
stripper well, stripper - an oil well whose production has declined to less than ten barrels a day
well - a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine
wildcat, wildcat well - an exploratory oil well drilled in land not known to be an oil field
3.oiler - a cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulkoiler - a cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulk
cargo ship, cargo vessel - a ship designed to carry cargo
supertanker - the largest class of oil tankers


[ˈɔɪləʳ] N
1. (= ship) → petrolero m; (= can) → lata f de aceite, lata f de lubricante; (= person) → engrasador/a m/f
2. oilers (US) (= clothes) → hule m
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The skinny: The Oilers were many pundits pick to advance deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs this season, but they are scuffling along at 18-21-3.
First place in the Pacific Division also became possible and the Oilers took that away from the Anaheim Ducks.
The oilers will be capable of carrying 156,000 barrels of oil, including the Navy's new bio fuels.
Though he has been drafted, Bear recognizes he has plenty of work ahead of him if he is to one day suit up for the Oilers.
But the Road Warriors are not taking the Oilers lightly in the 2 p.
On Thursday, the Oilers organization released a statement saying that it was aware of Pelss' disappearance, but couldn't confirm his status due to conflicting reports by local news outlets in Latvia, (http://www.
The Stars' victory over the Oilers two weeks ago paved the way for the all-important no-tomorrow game Friday.
Ales Hemsky and Gilbert Brule scored for the Oilers, who have lost two in a row and three of four.
was viewed as a key acquisition when the Oilers signed him to a five-year, $27 million contract in July of 2007.
Here in Edmonton, Oiler fans must be wondering if it all really happened--the back-to-back signings of Pronger and Michael Peca one year ago; the troubled regular season with its frantic rotation of overmatched goalies; a late and basically undeserved entry into the playoffs, facilitated by the grotesque collapse of the rival teams; a record-breaking Cinderella charge to the Stanley Cup final; horror in Game 1 as rented goalie Dwayne Roloson, who frequently feigns injury, was blasted to the ice and proved to be actually hurt; gloom as the Oilers fell behind three games to one, glory as they equalized, grim silence as they lost Game 7.
After the Oilers had taken a 3-0 lead the Hurricanes rallied on the back of four thirdperiod goals and the sensational netminding of Cam Ward to take a 1-0 advantage in the best-of-seven series.
Besides being the home of the Oilers, Rexall Place is a venue for other sports and entertainment events, including the 2004 Bank of Montreal Canadian Figure Skating Championships, the 2004 Juno Awards and the 2004 Canadian Country Music Week.

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