The Old Boy

the Devil.

See also: Boy

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But I don't see how on the strength of that I could expert the old boy to adopt me.
I waylaid old Bodger--Colonel Bodger, on the committee of the club, you know--and suggested over a whisky-and-soda that the management of Brown's would be behaving like sportsmen if they bumped my salary up a bit, and the old boy nearly strangled himself trying to suck down Scotch and laugh at the same time.
But the old boy was so far from responding, that he would not even walk to Hammersmith on the same side of the way; so, Herbert and I, who remained in town, saw them going down the street on opposite sides; Startop leading, and Drummle lagging behind in the shadow of the houses, much as he was wont to follow in his boat.
I see'd the old boy's face flush and look plaguy awkward, and I thought we was in for somethin' nasty.
Just as 'twas gettin' serious, and the old boy and the mob was going to pull 'em off the coach, one little fellow jumps up and says, 'Here--I'll stay.
And it was I who knew the combination at a glance, after years and years, when the fateful whim seized Raffles to play once more in the Old Boys' Match, and his will took me down with him to participate in the milder festivities of Founder's Day.
He was not, however, the hero of the Old Boys' Match, and that was expected of him by all.
Even so did Raffles disappoint the Old Boys in the evening as he had disappointed the school by day.
I must confess, however, that for my own part I was thoroughly uneasy during the Old Boys' second innings, when Raffles made a selfish score, instead of standing by me to tell his own story in his own way.
College 2007 might well have doubled their lead midway through the half when another free-kick from Kaid caused problems in the Old Boy's defence, but the Old Boys finished the half strongest with two efforts from Arran Thompson going just wide of the mark.
PAST members of the City of Coventry Corps of Drums and the Coventry School of Music Old Boy's Association are being invited to take part in a concert at Broad Street Rugby Club, in Binley Woods, on May 12 next year, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Corps of Drums and the 21st birthday of the Old Boy's Association.
Mick Sullivan headed the Old Boy goal chart with three, two came via Eddie Hunt and Mark Feeham got the sixth, Steve Davies and Alister Hamilton replied for St Pats.