The Omnipotent

The Almighty; God.
- Milton.

See also: Omnipotent

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FORMIDABLE RIVAL THE omnipotent presence of Willie Mullins is back on British shores this weekend and in True Self he appears to have a serious chance of adding to his increasingly impressive Flat record in the Betway Pinnacle Stakes (2.25) at Haydock.
For six straight electoral campaigns, the party had failed to oust its chief rival, the omnipotent Labor party, and some young activists were demanding change and calling for the resignation of Herut's leader, Menachem Begin.
He said that Allah is the omnipotent and on this land the representatives of the people who have been elected through the votes of the masses are performing the duty of His servants on the land.
The humanist goal must therefore be, not technocracy, nor theocracy, not the omnipotent and authoritarian state, nor the welfare state, nor the consumption economy, but the fulfillment society.
Next up was John De Lancie, who played the omnipotent Q in Star Trek: Next Generation.
The Omnipotent Magician: Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, 1716-1783.
85% of people living in Wales read English newspapers while Welsh TV and radio inevitably get smothered under the omnipotent effect of broadcasts from London.
Author Abraham Stoll discusses Milton's use of God as a character, and does well in outlining Milton's thought processes when approaching the omnipotent being.
The problem with controlling human population stems from the archaic religious beliefs that: (1) Humans are the most important thing in the universe other than the omnipotent being many of them believe in, and (2) Humans must breed uncontrolled and cover the Earth.
For even the Omnipotent God could not defy logic and create Something from Nothing.
The omnipotent "City" has been revealed as a pathetic little conman operating from behind a curtain.