Peacock Throne

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Pea´cock` Throne

1.A famous throne formerly of the kings of Delhi, India, but since 1739, when it was carried off by Nadir Shah, held by the shahs of Persia (now Iran); - so called from its bearing a fully expanded peacock's tail done in gems.
2.The office or position of the Shah of Iran; as, to ascend the Peacock Throne.
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The detailed list of his loot has been recorded by Fraser - working with the East India Company - as jewels, including the Koh-i-Noor, Darya-i-Noor etc, valued at 25 crore (250,000,000); utensils and handles of weapons set with jewels - with the Peacock Throne included - worth 9 crore; money coined in gold and silver for 25 crore; gold and silver plates - which he melted - valued at 5 crore; fine cloths and rich material of all kinds valued at 2 crore; household furniture and other valuables worth 3 crore and weapons, cannon etc.
The courtiers, in court costumes of the utmost magnificence, assemble before the arrival of the Shah and take their places in readiness, ranging themselves according to rank on each side of the hall, beginning at the peacock throne.
The US-nominated heir to the Peacock Throne never gets to Iran since he's stranded on a cross-Channel ferry.
Legendary possessions of the Mughals, such as the Koh-i-noor Diamond and the Peacock Throne of Shah Jahan, were carted off by pillaging Persians in 1739.
3) that explain why Iran's current efforts to develop nuclear weapons are directly tied to their heritage and why a nuanced approach will be necessary to effectively engage the legacy of the Peacock Throne.
ANOTHER of the emperor's grand projects, the Peacock Throne, was made with 2,600 pounds of solid gold worth two million rupees and gems valued at another nine million rupees.
For most of us that civilization is shrouded in a golden haze: Persepolis the Peacock Throne and Omar Khayyam come to mind a Cyrus Darius or Xerxes (perhaps more than one of each) are only just remembered.
To secure a foothold for democracy in the region-and keep oil flowing at an Anglo-American price-Uncle Sam placed Mohammad Reza Shah back on the Peacock Throne.
49 Which diamond now in the Tower of London had previously, in its eventful history, been an eye in the peacock throne of the Mogul emperors at Delhi?
Still others want to re-install a shah on the Peacock Throne.
Iran's Foreign Minister yesterday became the country's first official visitor to Britain since 1979, when the Islamic revolution toppled the Peacock Throne of the Shahs.